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As a caregiver to ageing loved ones, here’s how you care for yourself

Being a caregiver for an elderly parent or senior loved one is a beautiful act of love and compassion. A journey that’s rewarding, yet equally taxing and overwhelming. Guilt, stress, juggling myriad expectations – there are so many things that can take a toll on you.

So here are some tips to help you navigate this delicate journey as a caregiver.

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1. Ditch the guilt:
Know that you’re doing a difficult job, and things will never be perfect. So go easy on yourself and see it as a constantly evolving journey.

2. Make time for self-care:
It’s important to realise that true care starts with yourself. So make sure you eat on time, exercise enough for physical agility, and get enough sleep so that your body functions efficiently.

3. Find someone you can talk to
Sometimes, having a friend, a confidante with whom you can be vulnerable and share your truest feelings can help release pent up emotions. However, making it into a habit can be toxic for you and the other person. So rather than just venting, use the other person as a sounding board and sharing as an opportunity to get clarity and perspective.

4. Delegate where you can:
Realise you don’t need to control everything. So if you have someone who can be of assistance, it’ll help to trust the person rather than trying to micro-manage. After all, there’s no ‘single perfect way’ of doing things, right?

5. Give yourself a pat on the back
Celebrate even the smallest victories. See how far you’ve come. How day-by-day, you’ve grown in confidence and connection with your elderly loved one.

6. Be open to external support
There are many institutions and organisations who’ve designed holistic services to care for the seniors. Sakhi4Life is one such organisation, established to provide personalised, quality care for the geriatric community.

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