The Sakhi4Life Way

Building relationships on understanding and trust

At Sakhi4Life, we take the time and effort to first understand your needs. We then match you with the most suited care but making sure that you – the elder who needs care, the caregiver and our founders are always part of the process.


Discovering your needs

During the first contact – by phone, mail or in person, we understand your specific situation. We then map your needs according to your specific situation, ie. Elders living alone, with children, health conditions, mental health of the person needing support, and other specific expectations.


Finding your match

We carefully shortlist a Sakhi Counsellor who is a right match with the senior person with regards to age, language and cultural background. Sakhi Executives are assigned if the elder needs help with errands and at-home services unrelated to health care. Sakhi Companions are provided if the elder requires a friendly listening ear and friendship. We also cater to special requests based on specific situations.


Keeping you updated

The Sakhi Counsellor also sets up a WhatsApp group comprising of themselves, you, and one of Sakhi4Life’s founders to ensure seamless communication. If needed, we can also facilitate video calls between you and the elder concerned. We update you on the phone or mail about the results of each visit.


What our clients say

After two and a half months of lockdown, I was desperate for a haircut. It wasn’t safe for me to go to a salon. That’s when I remembered Sakhi4Life. Picked up the hair dresser, brought him over, supervised disinfection of implements, & stayed till the job was done.

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Rajesh Kumar (name changed on request)Rajesh Kumar (name changed on request)Chennai, India