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What is Sakhi4Life?

As parents grow older, it is often extremely challenging to manage caring for them. Especially when most don’t want to leave the homes they’ve built over the years, or the way of life they are used to. Distance and time constraints leave us feeling stressed out and fearful for their wellbeing. We founded Sakhi4Life to plug this anxious gap by offering Support, Care and Companionship for Aging Parents with the same kind of respect and effort that you would put in.

Our mission

Give Seniors the dignity they deserve

Give Seniors the dignity they deserve.

Make them independent

Make them independent.

Be somebody they can talk to

Be somebody they can talk to without any agenda or purpose.

What we offer

Holistic. Honest. Heartfelt. Help

Our Sakhi Counsellors are trained to be the perfect support system for seniors living alone; managing daily chores, payments, legal, medical, technical, financial or government requirements; dealing with vendors and household staff on their behalf, and most importantly, companionship.









What we offer
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how we work counsellors

How we work

Our Sakhi Counsellors are just one call away for every need.

We match every senior with a Sakhi Counsellor according to personality, skillset and language. It could be as small as ordering a meal on Swiggy or a car on Uber to fall-proofing their house to managing their property or arranging a celebration with friends or relatives. We believe every senior deserves  a true Sakhi4Life!

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A trusted companion

Why should you trust us?

Having looked after our own elderly parents, grandparents, and parents-in-law ourselves, we have had the same doubts when it came to trusting outsiders. That’s why we run extensive background checks before appointing a counsellor. We ensure that we, the three founders, are available 24/7 to both you and them to address any gap in service. So far, we’ve not had a single complaint.

Companionship beyond care

We’re there for you. No matter what.

Most people assume that the main problem faced by the elderly is medical in nature. But there’s a deadlier disease called loneliness, one that kills slowly and painfully. Sakhi4Life offers a highly effective remedy for this. They’re called companions. Our Sakhi Companions regularly spend time reading to elders, listening to them reminisce about their life and times, taking them out to watch plays, musical programs, or perhaps even a trip to the beach. In some cases, this also gives their family some relief and time to themselves.


What our clients say

I highly recommend choosing Sakhi4life as your partner in caring for your elderly parents. My experience with the group has truly been rewarding and satisfying. They are courteous, respectful, prompt and meticulous in the care that they provide. Truly providing an unmet need for elders in Chennai.

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Ashok SrinivasanAshok SrinivasanTennessee, USA

When lockdown was announced, we turned to our new friends Sakhi4life. With a mere phone call, they delivered all our groceries at our doorstep. They brought us cash and chequebooks from the bank. They recharged our mobiles, paid our broadband bills and Electricity bills online. Yes. Sakhi indeed for life.

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Jayasundar KothandaramanJayasundar KothandaramanChennai, India

I feel happiest that my parents can call you for help when they need it. Your honest communication and quick responses to any queries makes us trust you.

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Malini RaghavanMalini RaghavanSan Francisco, USA

I am an NRI based in Dubai. Both my parents have medical conditions and one of my parents has restrictive movement. I cannot explain my gratitude and appreciation for Sakhi4Life enough in words. They take care of my parents as their own. They’re always accessible 24/7.

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Narayani AnandNarayani AnandDubai, UAE

Sakhi4Life is responsive to the needs of family members and seniors. I feel assured that my mother is able to get help as needed and does not have to manage challenges on her own especially in emergencies. What do I like best about the experience? The Friendly Sakhi.

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Radhika SrinivasanRadhika SrinivasanSan Francisco, USA

After two and a half months of lockdown, I was desperate for a haircut. It wasn’t safe for me to go to a salon. That’s when I remembered Sakhi4Life. Picked up the hair dresser, brought him over, supervised disinfection of implements, & stayed till the job was done.

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Rajesh Kumar (name changed on request)Rajesh Kumar (name changed on request)Chennai, India

My mum has had multiple mini strokes and is in palliative care – but Sakhi manages to make life as normal as possible for her. She loves to go out and meet new people; it was lovely how Sakhi arranged for her to meet other members despite her physical condition.

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Sangita TatiaSangita TatiaChennai, India

Sakhi4Life understands Seniors and what they need in terms of maximum helpfulness and minimum disturbance. My father who is very hard to please and get used to new services, really likes the Sakhi team and how considerate they are when dealing with seniors.

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Sriram JayasundarSriram JayasundarNew Jersey, USA

I first contacted Sakhi in a critical situation when my parents were affected by COVID. Mrs. Suchint immediately arranged for home care (with necessary protection) and made sure my parents were taken care of.

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SujaSujaSeattle, USA

Sakhi4Life is like a good friend with whom we could easily connect and share our concerns, and have the confidence that everything will be taken care of for our mother and to her liking. Genuine care and quality service for an affordable price.

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T. BalasubramaniamT. BalasubramaniamUSA

With our parents thousands of miles away in Chennai, surviving this pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride for us. We were looking home care support, post covid hospitalization and Sakhi4Life was recommended to us.

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Vasudha SwaminathanVasudha SwaminathanNew Jersey, USA
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