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Retirement blues? Here are 5 ways you can deal with it.

After around 35-40 years of constantly working, earning for the family and contributing at your workplace, retirement can seem like a strange and scary prospect for many. While it offers the freedom you always yearned for, it can also mean losing a sense of personal identity, or a sense of purpose and meaning to life. Especially the initial phase can be particularly challenging for some to cope with.

So how does one gracefully deal with this inevitable change? Here are some tips that might help.

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Accept change
Coping with any kind of change starts with acceptance. So it’s important to realise that retirement is an inevitable part of life’s journey. While it does seem full of uncertainties in the beginning, it’s also pregnant with infinite possibilities.

Second chance
All these years, you dedicated yourself to your work and family. Retirement means an opportunity to get back to all those things you never had the time for. Whether it’s travelling, learning a language or a skill, or just spending quality time with family – this is the time to reconnect with whatever you’re passionate about.

Find a purpose
There are plenty NGOs, voluntary institutions and causes where your skills and experience can be of tremendous value. Find a cause that resonates with you, where you can volunteer and use your time to make a difference.

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A healthy support system
Make sure you stay connected with family and friends with whom you can freely share how you feel. Deep human connections and a sense of belonging can help you get past most challenges.

Stay Healthy
Develop a routine for yourself to keep yourself physically and mentally active. Eat right, exercise, get some sunlight, and keep yourself involved.